Mint 2010 NAMM SUHR Modern with Mahogony Body, Mahogany wPau Ferro Neck, 316 Maple Top.. Incredible guitar.. Pics dont do it justice..
Unfortunately I have to sell one of my guitars. It has been sitting in my closet and I have never played it. I have 2 and this was my extra one. I need the money for a down payment on a new vehicle. Asking $1300 What makes this guitar special A stripped down import Suhr at an affordable price. The Rasmus Guthrie Govan signature model is everything you need in this bare bones model. Super clean ...
Gibson SG Standard Bass Both, the Bass and the Case are in near mint condition If youve been in the market for one of these, then this is your bass $975 or possibly trade for a Gibson Explorer or Flying V in mint condition as well....Schecter, Fender, Ibanez, Martin, Krank, Taylor, PRS, Suhr, Cort, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Dean, Minarik, Roland, Gibson, Epiphone, Squire, Yamaha, Vox