Surfing Equipment for Sale in Riverside, CA

A vintage board by the Late Great Iconic Terry Martin from Hobie, RIPOne of his shapes for a pro-woman surfer in the 90s.I saved it from the landfill and got it ready for the surf, again.Its very suntanned, as you can see. All three fins are still solid.Signed by T. Martin, himself$50No Trades.Cash Only.Will meet you locally or may be able to work out a place further away if it falls into my cu...
Brand new, surf board, is available for sale. An excellent condition. 36h, x 17w.Call .
Surfboard Channel Island Flyer II 7-0 x 20 34 x 3Excellent riding performance for ripping the waves. A boardmade for speed and tearing it up.Watertight and ready to go.$399.99 with fins.Cash only.Text is the best way to contact.
Surfboard Harbour 19 Noserider - 10 x 23 12 x 16 12 x 3 38Watertight with lots of tail kick in the tail.19 Nose for great nose rides.Concave nose to control rides from the Nose.Harbour saysTim Sts was given the challenge to design us the ultimate super cruiser Modeled after the 1960s traditional longboards with a tail that measures 16 12, a thickness of 3 38, 23 wide and of course a 19 nose. Th...
Surfboard Becker LC-3 Series 7-6x 22 x 3Performance board, fast and turns great.Fun board that can still rip like a short board with very god paddlingBoard is in good condition.Watertight. Has some pressure dings. It has only had one 14 inch rail repair.A board to have fun that paddles greator a long enough board for a beginner, intermediate or advancesto enjoy the smaller days.All Used Boards ...
board perfect no dings brand new cost me over 400$ my loss your gain,to small for me.5-11length 19 wide 2 14 thick213 five nine five forty one 04
I have a 70 Stewart big guy trifunboard surfboard for sale.Good big guys shortboard or for bigger surf. Or good transition board if coming off of a longboard.Dimensions are 70 x x 20 78 x 2 58.Board is in good shape.Watertight and ready to surf today.Comes with Future removable fins and a track pad and a GoPro mount.Im asking $195 for it.Have a padded bag as well for $50.TEXT with any questions...
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