We have a chicken and turkey pluckerpicker for sale. It was made by Pickwick Manufacturing with patented Velvet Touch Fingers patented by Pickwick for their gentle, intense defeathering action on all types of birds. Plucker is set into a rolling frame.Lightly Used, in very good condition. To purchase this same plucker new, the cost is $4800.00 tax and shipping. See pictureIf you have any questi...
Beautiful chickens for your backyard. They are different chickens. Exhibition type chickens. Come and see. Various prices. If interested let me know. I only have roosters left.
Yellow leg blackmacreRamsy grayblackmacrePeruvianramsy grayRat lepper roundheadThere all yong 1year old or youngerThe rooster in the pic is brother to the fist 2 chickensFor any info contact me at
Fertile chicken eggs, $1 each, minimum order is $10 for 10 or less eggs.Photos show the chickens and roosters we currently have. All of them are red egg layers.Egg Chick chicks chickens Roosters Hen duck ducks pigeon pigeons bird birds
silkie x pullets and young roosters pullets $10.00 each roosters $5.00 each please call 951-490-2297
Hot dipped galvanizeVery durable brand new fencing, for aviary, chicken coop,Garden and snake defense, dog kennels. No emails please.12 4x25 roll $3314 3x100 roll $8812 4x50 roll $551x12 4x50 roll $75Discount for 3 or more rollsCall or text
We have some Blown Out Eggs - hollowed out through 1 hole in the bottom and rinsed out so generally clean inside. Laid by our happy hens, ducks, and goose. The chicken eggs are brown, white and tan hues and various sizes like the ones pictured. Having only 1 hole makes it easier to hide the hole in displays or crafts for exle glue a skewer at the hole and arrange them in a plant or with flowers...
I have a currently working 1 year old Anatolian Shepherd x Great Pyrenees mix. She is proven safe with the following animalsChickens, dogs all sizes and both sexes, goats, pigs, and cats. She has been trustworthy with all our animals during her entire time on our farm. She is for a working home and not an inside dog. She is very sweet, but much prefers to be outside with her chickens and goats....
dorper lamb, dary goats, call for information, small median, milkers Nubian. call for prices do to many size , ,call for more info.chickens,chicks, roosters, , call forprices thanks .