No cases. Some have inserts. Cristina Aguilera, Jason Mraz, what a girl wants, dirt dancing, Faith Hill, Six Pence none the Richer
Most have inserts. No cases Will Smith, Tatiana Ali, Backstreet boys, Savage Garden, Creed, Boys 2 Men
Most have inserts. No cases School of rock, total hits 2001, Now 20
No cases. Some have inserts Grease, Jessica Simpson, lonestar, Garth Brooks, vitamin C, how to lose a guy in 10 days, Dixie chicks
Most have inserts. No cases Wedding singer, India arie, clues, celine Dion, deana carter
Most have inserts. No cases NSync, LFO, Destiny's child, 98 degrees, Monica, steps, britney spears
Mozart Beethoven Tchaikovsky Chopin Strauss Elgar Are All Tested = Very Good XXX POSTED XXX


Used watched once at most. Some still in wrapping. $1 ea